Kandy Lozano Studio

Objects-2010-20"x16", encaustic, pigments on panel
Pt. Dume White, 2011, 48"x36", encaustic, pigments on panel
Liaison2-2010-12"x12" panels, grid of 48 panels. Encaustic, pigment stick, pastels. Collaboration with Mark Rediske.
Aspen-2009-60"x48"-encaustic, pigments on panel
Gaia-2011-48"x9", series of 7 panels, encaustic, pigment on panel.
Objects-2010-20"x16"each, set of 4, encaustic, pigments on panel
Springfield-48"x36", encaustic, pigments on panel.
Chiaro3, 2010, 15"x15", encaustic, oil on panel
Caicos I, 2011, 30"x16", encaustic, pigment sticks, pastels on panel.
Liaison33-2010-12"x12", encaustic, pigments on panel
Caicos 2-2011-30"x16"-encaustic, pigment sticks, pastels on panel
Kimono-2010-33x33-encaustic, pigments on panel