Kandy Lozano Studio

Monterrey I and Liaison installed
installation-15"x15"each, grid of 12 panels.
Liaison-2010-36 panels at 12"x12" each, installation in Malibu, Ca.
Martin&Lozano gallery, 2011-installation of Denim and Bamboo.
Cooks Tour, Malibu, Ca. 15"x15" each, showing 15 panels.
Rincon-2009-36"x72",private residence, Montecito, Ca.
install-surf series-3 panels of 15"x15" each, malibu, ca.
Grid of 12 15"x15" panels, private collection, Malibu, Ca.
install of 5 wax photos-10"x10" each.
installation-Martin&Lozano gallery, front window-Liaison
install-springfield-10-48"x36", private residence, LA.
Installation at Martin&Lozano Gallery, West Hollywood, Ca.