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Encaustic Workshop November 5-6, 2016 Kandy Lozano Lisa Semler

Encaustic Workshop November 5-6, 2016 Kandy Lozano Lisa Semler


I came across Kandy Lozano’s work online and was immediately taken.  The colors, the moods, the depth.  I connected with these pieces.  I needed to see them up close.  I needed to meet the woman who created them.  I needed to learn from her.  A few emails and a few weeks later and I was on my way to Malibu to spend three days studying with this talented artist. 

Kandy’s home is a beautiful, inspiring place to be, and her studio is a wonderful place to learn and create.  Clean, spacious, views of the hills, sky and ocean, open to the warm California air.  Being in that atmosphere, surrounded by her work, I could not help but move into that mental space every artist knows and thrives in.  But the best part was her. 

Kandy is beautiful, open, warm, and intelligent.  I felt comfortable.  Her time with me felt personal.  We spent time looking at my work, work of other artists I like, and at those pieces of hers which particularly resonated with me.  She asked me specifically what I wanted to learn, what I wanted to get from my time with her.  And for the next three days we worked on that.  The pace was steady.  My learning curve was steep.  Kandy taught and motivated.  She guided and corrected.  But it was never merely technical.  We talked about the artistry of the pieces.  

It’s difficult to put into words what those three days were like.  Exciting, exhausting, exhilarating…and transformational.  I left there a different artist than when I arrived.  With new ideas, new skills, and hopefully, a new friend.  

Jerry - San Francisco

Kandy Lozano is an outstanding artist first and foremost, but she is also a patient, inspiring, and generous instructor. Just visiting her spacious canyon studio is a treat in itself…it’s filled with works in progress and all the tools of the trade. Kandy not only addressed specific areas I was interested in exploring but she shared techniques I’d not seen before, as well as the names of her suppliers and other valuable resources. Our time together flew by…I didn't want to leave.

Don’t miss an opportunity to learn from Kandy...it just doesn’t get any better! 

Barbara - Fullerton, CA  


When I first saw Kandy’s work I knew that I wanted to learn from her. As a new encaustic painter I needed to broaden my scope of skills and techniques and I knew she could help. Kandy and Lisa’s weekend workshop was wonderful! Just being in their studio was magical…seeing their works all around, having them talk about how they achieved certain results, what mistakes they’ve made and what the process of being a painter is really like. So insightful! Then the skills we learned were amazing…so many effects I didn’t know how to achieve they demonstrated for us and helped us begin to achieve, as well. I went home with a number of works that I felt really proud of…which was so surprising! These gals are extremely friendly, encouraging and relaxed. The whole weekend had a really nice, “chill” vibe to it. It was a wonderful way to get away from the world for a few days. And to a safari in Malibu, no less! The animals we saw just added to the magical experience. Lisa’s delicious cooking and veggies from her son’s organic garden were awesome. Don’t hesitate to be a part of this very special workshop, you couldn’t possibly regret it!

Tricia - Los Angeles


  I have become a big fan of Kandy and Lisa's  workshops, having attended 3 of them so far. Kandy's work is truly exceptional and she shares her vast knowledge with generosity, enthusiasm and kindness. I always leave with paintings I am excited to have created.
Lisa's bold use of color along with the scale of her encaustic work is inspiring. Her graciousness in sharing her incredible studio and grounds, along with delicious lunches and wine tasting makes for an incredible experience. 
Roxanne - Malibu
I left Kandy and Lisa’s workshop feeling so inspired and I fell in love with Encaustic. When I signed up I for this workshop I had no idea what to expect other than hoping to come home with 1 piece of art that I was proud of.  First of all, the Venue is truly a destination.  Lisa’s property is breathtaking from the moment you drive in to the grounds. The Safari animals on the property bring a sense of calm and having the opportunity to stand next to and feed Stanley, the Giraffe, was exhilarating! The lunches were as fresh and organic as they come grown from Lisa’s garden.  The workshop was very informative and Kandy is just as beautiful as her art.  Her instruction is so patient and giving and she helped me bring my art to the next level.  Having both Kandy and Lisa as instructors gave 2 different perspectives and there was not a moment where I felt I had to wait to get my questions answered. At the end of the 2 days I had 4 pieces of completed art that left me only wanting to create more.  Wrapping up at the winery was a prefect end to a cherished weekend!
Thanks Lisa and Kandy.

Paula~Palm Desert   

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